Conan O’Brien Gives His Coworker Jon Hamm For Christmas

Conan O’Brien gave one of the his coworkers the ultimate Christmas gift when he surprised her last night with Jon Hamm.

In a video, Conan revealed that his show does a Secret Santa gift exchange every year and this year he pulled talent coordinator Ashley Olivia. In the video you see Conan rooting around in her desk looking for something that would give him a clue as to what to give her. A photo of Jon Hamm gave him a hint as to Ashley’s likes.

Conan brought Ashley out on stage in front of the audience to reveal her Secret Santa gift. At first he gave her a large picture of Jon, until the Mad Man star himself came out from backstage to sign the photo and give Ashley a big hug. It was absolutely adorable!! We wish Conan was our boss!

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