Music Review: The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack

by guest blogger, music writer

With all of the hype around the Twilight franchise, it should come as no surprise that the Twilight soundtracks are just as anticipated. Previous Twilight soundtracks have featured big hits from bands including Paramore, Deathcab For Cutie, Muse and Canadian rockers Metric. Can the first sounds from the finale live up to previous albums?

With names on the soundtrack including Bruno Mars’ single “It Will Rain” and Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” you would think so. Unfortunately those will probably be the only two names on the Twilight soundtrack that you will recognize. In an attempt to be cool and indie, the musical directors behind this movie went too far. There is a balance here between finding cool indie bands and appealing to your audience, just ask the people who work at The CW. They really missed the mark on the music this time and put together a cd that you’re probably not going to want to listen to more than once.

The problem is, this album is too boring for Twilight fans. With a movie plot that has so much going on (Spoiler Alert!) from a wedding to a sexy honeymoon and a blood-sucking baby, the music to go along with it is surprisingly drab. It’s slow ballad after slow ballad with no tempo change in sight. It never lightens up. To make matters worse, the songs don’t even sound all that different from each other.

While the verdict is still out on the movie itself, the soundtrack is for serious Twihards only.

Watch the video for Bruno Mars’ Twilight single below and read more music reviews.

[youtube W-w3WfgpcGg]

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