Jayde Nicole Tweets About Her Stalker- “Needs Help”

It appears that Canada’s  reality television star, former Playboy playmate and personal trainer Jayde Nicole has been dealing with a stalker. The young star was on Twitter last night saying:

 “It’s sad that I am afraid to go to sleep tonight, good thing I have my amazing bf @ToshBerman & my guard dogs to protect me!”  This left fans wondeingr what had Jayde so scared.

Today in more tweets Jayde revealed what happened. Jayde tweeted:

“Its so sad to me when a fan turns crazy stalker and obsessed in a negative way 🙁 had to spend all last night in the police station

Followed by:

“She needs help and I hope she seeks it so she doesn’t hurt anyone else or herself. My prayers go out to her

Scary stuff! We agree with Jayde , stalkers are mentally ill people who are best served with psychiatric treatment or to be locked away for their own good where they can’t hurt themselves or anyone else. There has been no official news on Jayde’s stalker situation yet. We hope Jayde is ok now and stays safe!

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