Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 6 – I Am Number Nine

Here’s what happened on Gossip Girl this week:

When we return to NYC, Blair is planning her wedding by picking which minion will be in the wedding. She has been given permission from Louis to do a little scheming to decide who is worthy to walk down the aisle. Even Charlie is in the running, but she’s probably just looking for a scoop. Blair’s challenge is hilarious. She tests the girls in a crazy obstacle course helping her dress, getting rid of the paparazzi and hiding her baby bump. Charlie is going to win. She’s the only one worth a second look. The final test is to attend the Spectator launch party and steal a kiss from Nate. Why Nate? Who knows, but this should be funny.

Chuck is getting help from his new hot doctor, while Louis is doing some scheming of his own. He wants the dear doctor to send Chuck on a path of destruction to keep him away from Blair for good. She tries to enrage him, but seeing Chuck trying to get rid of Blair’s engagement ring is more heartbreaking than destructive. The doctor feels bad for Chuck and tells Louis she’s out, but not before Chuck catches them together.

Dan meets with Serena to work on the script for his book, but there is a problem. Dan isn’t willing to make the necessary changes for the film. Serena promises to protect his story if Dan lets someone else write the script, it was all a plot to get rid of him anyway. Obviously there is no way Serena is going to keep to her word. Jane and the new writer had a bigger plan to are going to turn Dan’s character into the ultimate villain. Serena gets all protective of Dan, but I don’t know why they can’t just accept that it’s a book and a movie not real life. Serena invites Dan to the party to try to show her boss how nice he is.

As we said before Diana is officially launching the Spectator tonight and Nate wants to come out as a couple. By the look on Diana’s face, it’s clear she thinks he’s just a kid. While Nate is delivering the invites, he finds out that Diana has another boyfriend on the go. This works perfectly for Charlie, who tells Nate she will be his date to make Diana jealous.

Everyone arrives at the party. Let the drama begin! And, boy, does it ever! Jane takes Serena off of Dan’s project when she sees that she is just too close to Dan for comfort. When Serena turns to Diana with her troubles, it all goes downhill. Serena is fired and the movie is dead. All of this just to make sure Dan looks nice in the film. It was not worth it. Diana sneaks in and snags Serena  as a new blog writer to help her take Gossip Girl down for good. While Serena isn’t sure about becoming Gossip Girl’s competition, in the end she curls up in bed to write her first column.

Charlie takes out all of the minions one by one so she can have Nate all to herself. Right in the middle of Diana’s speech, Nate and Charlie lock lips for all to see. Diana doesn’t waste a moment and reveals the true motives behind their kisses turning them against each other. Nate drops Charlie immediately and gives Diana an ultimatum that they have to be a real couple. Diana runs a big story on the homepage revealing their relationship. How romantic… or not. She warns Charlie to stay away from her man.

Chuck reveals the scoop on Louis and the doctor swapping secrets in front of the whole party. Louis says he only did it because he found the paternity test and believes Blair still loves Chuck. He’s becoming a broken record. Just because she got a test doesn’t mean she loves him. The doctor gives Chuck the ring back and tells him that he can change. Chuck goes to see Blair to apologize for everything: for selling her to Jack, for not waiting on the Empire State Building, for everything. I actually had tears in my eyes listening to Chuck tell her how amazing she is. The look on his face, sigh, how can you not love him? Chuck is starting to move on and the episode ends with him returning Blair’s engagement ring to the store. Hopefully from now on it’s all smiles for him.

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