William Shatner Releases New Book And Album, Goes On Tour

There are not many 80 year old men who can claim they are a pop culture icon, but William Shatner can.  From playing Captain James T. Kirk and T.J. Hooker to releasing cult favorite albums on which he does little more than read the lyrics to being a best selling author, William Shatner can claim he’s done it all.  The thing is, he’s not finished yet.  At the start of the month he released a new novel, Shatner Rules:  Your Guide To Understanding The Shatnerverse And The World At Large.  Two weeks ago he released his fourth studio album, and last Wednesday he began a tour of Canada that will go from Vancouver to Montreal.

The book is described on as “Shatner Rules gives his many fans a glimpse inside the genius of this unpredictable star. With insight, wisdom, and, of course, a heavy dose of humor, Mr. Shatner reveals the truth behind his persona, his own career longevity, his understanding of modern technology, and the benefit of staying true to yourself, no matter what the situation. Welcome to the Shatnerverse.”  If it’s anything like his previous work about Star Trek fans and his experiences with them it’s sure to be a great read.

The album, entitled Seeking Major Tom, has Shatner covering songs from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody to David Bowie’s Space Oddity and The Tea Party’s Empty Glass.  Several noted musicians appear on the album with him, including Sheryl Crow, Alan Parsons, Brad Paisley and Bootsy Collins.  Most of the songs on the album are space related, and in the first video Shatner appears as the starry sky as a pair of teenagers stare up to him.  It’s a completely bizarre video, but one that will more than likely be a hit with his fans.

As for the tour, well it’s basically Shatner on stage taking people on a tour of his life.  He covers stories in the book, songs on his album, and talks about his life only as he can.  He still has three stops left, Winnipeg on the 25th of October, Toronto on the 3rd of November, and then he returns home to Montreal on November the 4th.

William Shatner is certainly a Canadian that will be forever remembered for all of his cultural contributions.

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