Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 4 – Memoirs Of An Invisible Dan

Here’s what happened on this week’s Gossip Girl episode:

We return to the Upper East Side with Dan preparing for the launch of his book, Inside. He needs to hurry up and tell his friends and family about it yet. How will they react about his portrayal of them? Especially Blaire, who is getting ready to tell her and Louis parents that she is pregnant.

Nate is still working with Diana to get the dirt on his fellow socialites. They are trying to find the mysterious Ivy. Charlie (the real Ivy) offers to help find her, before her cover is blown. She manages to sneak out of the office with her phone in hand. Diana puts the pieces together. Ivy has to spill the beans on what she did and her fake identity. Diana is willing to keep Ivy’s secret, but now Ivy is on the payroll. Ivy will be the one getting the real scoop on this crowd. Nate was protecting his friends, but no one’s safe anymore. How far will Ivy go to protect herself?

Dan calls the gang together to reveal his big news. He gives everyone a copy of the book and tries to soften the blow. He invites them all to his book party. Most of them are fairly supportive, but that is until they realize how they are portrayed.

Nate doesn’t mind the book, is even happy, despite the fact that his character is gay. When he reads, he gets upset that his character is combined with Eric’s. He wants his own role and avoids the party to get back at Dan. I think compared to some others Nate is just being a child. Maybe Dan was protecting his best friend.

Blaire actually handles it well, accepting her role as the villain. She has bigger things to worry about. It isn’t until Louis reacts badly to the book that Blair starts reading. She realizes she was wrong. Her character shares some hot and heavy scenes with Dan in the book, which Louis thinks are based on real events. He’s furious. So mad he just leaves. This is a crazy overreaction.

Serena is doing terrific in her job.  Until her portrayal in the book causes her to lose a crucial meeting. She’s shown as the airy party girl that she was back then. She says she’s hurt because Dan was the only person she thought knew the real her. Does she forget everything she did to him over the years?

It’s actually hilarious watching them all overreact about this piece of fiction. The book is getting amazing reviews. The only problem is it leaves Dan all alone. Even Rufus is upset about how he’s shown. It’s just one person yelling at Dan after another this episode. Can no one forget about their pride!

The next day, Blair is heartbroken because Louis has disappeared. She finally gets to tell Serena her news, but it’s not a happy day, until Louis’ return. It’s Chuck who makes Louis see that he can’t give up on Blair so easily. Chuck is realizing that he could learn something from the way Dan has written him. Chuck`s character ends up completely alone and kills himself. Chuck is starting to realize that he needs people in his life: people who love him, with or without Blair.

The book is number four on Amazon, but it doesn’t make Dan any happier. Maybe he will smile when he learns that Serena’s boss wants to make his book into a movie.

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