Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 3 – The Jewel Of Denial

Here’s what happened in our Gossip Girl recap for episode 3 – ‘The Jewel Of Denial’:

We return to New York to find Blair afraid to hear the results of the paternity test. Louis is away and Dan and Dorota are there to help her. After much debating Blair rips up the results without reading them. She ignores real life and heads off to a Jenny Packham fashion show to be her fabulous self.

Serena and Charlie have returned to the city, but Serena’s aunt, Carol, has a hint that her fake daughter is up to no good. She is on her way to New York in search of the fake Charlie. When she realizes that she about to be caught Charlie decides to go back to her real life as Ivy. Not before Serena tricks her into getting a taste of the good life by being a model in the Jenny Packham fashion show.

Thanks to Chuck, Dan now knows who has his manuscript. Dan gets advice from his old mentor, Noah, to ignore his book and most likely no one will notice its release. He makes him realize that there is little chance he will be a bestseller. Dan’s only problem is that Gossip Girl has started mentioning the new book, only Noah is taking credit as author for the hot upcoming book. Dan doesn’t like being left out in the cold, but is distracted by Blair’s big baby issues. He rushes off to find her at the fashion show to help her while delaying making his own decision about whether to claim the book.

Nate has started his new job with Diana. Within minutes, he can see this woman is wild. He doesn’t want to just be her piece of meat in the office. He actually wants to do work. His first assignment is to get inside scoop on the socialites at, you guessed it, the fashion show.

Somehow during the youngsters drama, Rufus has gotten Lily’s sentence reduced. After all of this time, she is free! Rufus is so supportive of her, she doesn’t deserve him. Rufus, Lily and Carol are heading out to the Jenny Packham show. Uh oh! Backstage Charlie gets some key advice from Blair. Blair makes Charlie realize that her mother isn’t the only one with leverage. Carol has secrets that Charlie could reveal. Boy doesn’t Carol get a shock when Ivy tells her that she is staying as Charlie or else she will spill the beans. It seems like Charlie will be around for a while. I actually don’t mind her, it’s too bad for all of the lying and manipulating.

At the show, Blair and Dan get in a fight over reading the paternity test and she makes a big scene. Blair does end up reading the results. She goes to see Chuck, but she tells him the baby is Louis. She says she didn’t want him to wonder. Geez, for a minute there she had us all wondering and hoping. The look of momentary joy on Chuck’s face is heartbreaking. She could have just called him. He looks more lost and alone now than ever. Blair and Louis celebrate their future baby together.

Inspired by Blair’s bravery, Dan confronts Noah in front of his peers. But it was all a ploy to make him accept his future. Noah already has a team ready to work with Dan. He gets the first copy that night with his name on the cover. We have no idea how this will effect Dan and everyone in the gang, but it could make for some serious drama!

Finally, Nate finds out that Diana is using him and everyone else to get the dirt on the socialites. She’s willing to create scenes and snoop on private information to get the dirt. They steal everyone’s phone from the fashion show, including Ivy/Charlie’s. Now Nate and Diana have the ability to rip this story wide open, if they can only figure out who Ivy is. Nate always wants to protect his friends, especially Serena, who knows how he will react to this scandal.

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