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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 2 Beauty And The Feast

Our Gossip Girl recaps continue with episode two of season 5. Here’s what happened on ‘Beauty And The Feast’:

It seems everyone in New York has something to worry about. Blair admits she is expecting and she’s scared. Nate can’t stop thinking about his mystery woman. Dan has to find a way to figure out which publisher has his book.

In Los Angeles, Serena is thrilled to meet her cousin Charlie, who is actually Ivy, a struggling actress.  Faux Charlie is stuck lying while Serena is around. Now Serena wants to be BFF’s and share an apartment. Faux Charlie plans to run away with her boyfriend to escape from the lies. Serena thinks the best of her though and believe that it’s her aunt who has taken all of her money. So Serena calls her grandmother and gets her trust fund. Can Faux Charlie keep up the charade to steal the cash and life? Yes. She breaks up with her boyfriend and leaves with Serena. The only catch is that Serena is going back to New York, and Faux Charlie is coming with her.

Nate’s mystery woman shows up at his mother’s house. He gets a bit of a shock when he realizes that she is a journalist wanting to interview his mother. That news doesn’t even seem to register with the lust crazed boy. All he sees is her tight red dress. He uses this opportunity to get another date with Diana, well by date he means a sexual romp in the alleyway. Their relationship helps Nate get a job at her media empire. It only sounds like a good idea now. Nate is blind when it comes to women.

In NYC, Blair is entertaining Louis’ sister, Princess Beatrice, while trying to hide her morning sickness from her fiance. Beatrice gives Blair the scoop on being royalty, but isn’t making it look appealing. Something else is definitely going on with her. Beatrice thinks Blair is bulimic. Louis won’t believe her. To prove it, Beatrice arranges a dinner feast for them all, which seems like a sick joke if you think someone is suffering from a serious issue. I can not believe Louis would go along with this game.

At the same time, Dan goes looking for Chuck for help, but finds more than he bargained for. Chuck is paying a group of tough guys to beat him up. Dan gets concerned for his well-being. The doctor warns Nate that Chuck is in real trouble. His injuries are dangerous. Chuck ignores the warning and sneaks out to get his beating.

Beatrice brings this traditional religious feast to New York and they all watch Blair suffer. Dan shows up trying to get Blair’s help, but again ends up with something else. In an attempt to get Blair to admit what’s going on, she admits that she is pregnant… in front of Beatrice. Fortunately Beatrice covers up for her. But she isn’t on her side, Beatrice wants Louis out of the family, so that she can take the crown. Who knows what she will do.

Dan tries help Chuck on his own. Chuck admits to Dan that he is only doing this to feel something. He says he doesn’t feel anything: pain, sadness or even annoyance. He is dead inside, but doesn’t want help yet. After all of that drama, Chuck agrees to help Dan stop the publishing of his book.

In the end Blair arrives at the loft to cry on Dan’s shoulder. She is keeping the baby and prays it is Louis’. She’s afraid of losing everything, but Dan will still be there, loving her, no matter what.

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