George Stroumboulopoulos’ Secret Movie Had Crowds Lining Up

George Stroumboulopoulos announced last week on his hit CBC talk show that he was hosting a secret movie at the TIFF Lightbox theater in downtown Toronto on October the 18th, and everyone who e-mailed him would be put on the guest list.  He even released a video tempting our curiosities further by letting us know that we would know the director and writer of the film, and that we may even have a “superfan-ish” devotion to them.  It was all in good fun and games, and it worked.

Last night at the TIFF Lightbox theater a large crowd gathered and stood in line (in some cases for well over an hour) to fill two theaters to capacity.  Strombo walked amongst the gathered crowd as they waited in line.  He joked  with them and took pictures, but even on the night of the event he refused to tell anyone what the movie was or give any further hints.  Apparently even his own staff didn’t know what it was until the showing of the movie.  By the time you finally got to your seat the theater was buzzing.  A stand-up comic warmed up the crowd until the theater manager took the stage and thanked everyone for coming.  After having some of my popcorn Strombo then took the stage and thanked everyone again for showing up and making the event what it was.  By then it was time to introduce the writer and director of the secret movie.

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Director Jason Reitman took the stage with writer Diablo Cody.  The pair had previously worked together on Juno.  They introduced their new movie, Young Adult (watch for our upcoming review this weekend) and told us they’d be answering questions after the movie ended.  When the movie was over they came back, and answered various questions from the audience ranging from how they chose Charlize Theron to star (Jason said she was the only person he even considered) to why the Kardashian’s were always being watched on TV by the main character (Charlize had been given DVD’s of the Kardashian’s, the Hills, and other ‘reality shows’ to help her get into the mind frame for the character), to how the music was chosen (just a mix of 90’s hits to reflect on the time the characters were remembering).  When they finished they thanked everyone again for coming and left the stage.

Overall it was a fun evening, and hopefully George Stroumboulopoulos does it again.  They even printed out numbered posters commemorating the event, and handed them out to everyone in attendance on their way out.

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