Who Should Win At The 2011 Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards are live this Sunday night at 8pm on Fox, and like most years the competition is fierce.  We’ve asked our resident TV expert her opinion on who should win the major awards this year.

Best TV Drama. After 3 years Man Men may finally be dethroned in this category, even though it had a really strong season.  Game of Thrones however has all the momentum and hype going into this Sunday, and should walk away with the award.

Best TV Comedy. Hands down The Office should win this award.  Modern Family and 30 Rock are popular, but with Steve Carell departing The Office last year it should pick up the trophy.

Best Comedy Actor. Much like the previous category this should be The Office’s year, and Steve Carell should take the award.  After all he has never won, even though he has deserved it in the past.  Jim Parsons is also a favourite for his work on the Big Bang Theory.

Best Comedy Actress. Tina Fey.  There’s really nothing else to say.  She should win simply because she’s Tina Fey.

Best Drama Actor. Jon Hamm has never won the award, and Mad Men was great last year thanks partly to his performance.  Michael C. Hall is good, but unfortunately the last season of Dexter wasn’t as strong as previous ones.

Best Drama Actress. There’s pretty much no competition in this area.  Julianna Margulies has won it before, and should take it home again this year.

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