Terra Nova – Television Review

In the distant future, when the Earth is dying, a family is transported back to prehistoric times to attempt to rebuild human civilization.  It’s from this basis that the new television show from executive producer Steven Spielberg is born, and it’s one that will be a hit.

The Shannons are an ordinary family in the year 2149.  The father Jim (Jason O’Mara) is a police officer, and the mother Elizabeth (Shelley Conn) is a doctor.  Together they have 3 children, which is one more than the government limit allows.  Jim is arrested and jailed for the violation once it is discovered.  After spending a few years in prison Elizabeth informs Jim that she and their two eldest children have been approved for Terra Nova, a project that permanently transports people back in time and to an alternate dimension for a second chance.  Between the two of them a plan is devised that will not only break Jim out of jail, but allow him and their youngest daughter to join the project.  The plan is a success, and once back in time the family discover a world full of mystery and adventure, and once that holds danger not only in the form of dinosaurs, but in a rebel faction as well.

The first episode of Terra Nova started off fairly slowly.  In fact the first ten to fifteen minutes seem to be an overacted, poorly made cheesy science fiction movie without much direction.  After that however the show really takes off.  In fact make sure to watch past the first ten minutes because you may find yourself really enjoying it.  It has everything a good, long running television show needs, including small plot lines that you know will be future stories, action, and pretty cool special effects.  You even really start getting into the characters and wonder where they will go from there.  For those who are missing Lost, this could easily be a good replacement.

Terra Nova premieres on September 26th, on City TV at 9pm.

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