New And Returning Shows – Week Of September 19th

This seems to be the busiest week for new and returning shows, so let’s get to it.

9/19: CBS brings back their hit shows How I Met Your Mother and Hawaii Five-O.  Two And A Half Men also makes it’s long waited return, sans Charlie Sheen and with Ashton Kutcher in his stead.  At 8:30 they premiere the new show 2 Broke Girls.  It’s about a rich girl and a poor girl who come together after the rich girl loses her money.  It stars Kat Dennings.   NBC brings back The Sing-off at 8, and premieres The Playboy Club at 10.  The Playboy Club takes place in 1960’s Chicago, and focuses on the Bunnies themselves and the patrons of the original Playboy Club.  ABC brings back Dancing with the Stars and Castle, while the CW has no returning shows this week.

9/20: NCIS, both the regular and the Los Angeles edition return, followed by the new show Unforgettable at 10.  The latter is a cop drama about a female officer with a photographic memory.  NBC brings back the Biggest Loser for a two hour premiere beginning at 8.  Over at FOX Glee makes it’s return for season 3, and raising hope returns at 9:30.  At 9 however is the new show New Girl.  Zooey Deschanel comes to TV playing an awkward girl who moves in with three guys.  ABC brings the elimination episode of Dancing with the Stars, and the returning Body of Proof.

9/21: Criminal Minds and CSI return on CBS, whereas Harry’s Law and Law and Order:  SVU return to NBC.  The big new show this night however is on FOX, where Simon Cowell’s X-Factor makes it’s long awaited premiere.  ABC brings back The Middle and Modern Family, and premieres Revenge at 10.  Revenge is about a young girl who is seeking revenge for the the destruction of her family.

9/22:   CBS brings back The Big Bang Theory and The Mentalist, and premieres Person of Interest.  The latter is the new J.J. Abrams show about an ex-CIA hitman and a scientist who create a system for preventing cirmes before they happen.  James Caviezel stars.  Thursday is a busy night for NBC, which brings back Community, Parks and Recreation and The Office.  Whitney and Prime Suspect make their debuts.  Whitney is a sitcom about couples, and Prime Suspect is a remake of the British cop drama.  Maria Bello takes on Helen Mirren’s role.  ABC brings back Grey’s Anatomy, and premieres the remake of Charlie’s Angels.

9/23: Friday has the new show A Gifted Man, the the returning shows CSI:NY and Blue Bloods on CBS.  A Gifted Man is about a surgeon who can see his dead, ex-wife as she teaches him lessons about life.  Kitchen Nightmares and Fringe return to FOX Friday nights, while CW brings back favourite’s Nikita and Supernatural.

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