Toronto FanExpo Is A Blast

It’s the end of August, which means it’s time for the annual event known as FanExpo in Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.  It’s the weekend that fans of comic books, science fiction, horror, anime and video games can get together under one roof and celebrate their hobby with people from all over North America.  This year promises to be even larger than the previous years, with over 400,00 square feet dedicated to the event.

Last year over 64,000 fans attended FanExpo, and each year it continues to grow.  For the first time this year the event is open from Thursday to Sunday, but the largest of crowds will still be over the course of the final two days.  This is your chance to dress up as your favourite superhero or movie character (last year over 250 people dressed up for the annual Costume Masquerade) and meet people of like minds.  Or perhaps you’d like to meet Dollhouse star Eliza Dushku, Harry Potter’s Tom Felton, or even Dallas’ Larry Hagman and get not only their autograph but get your picture taken with them as well.  Once again William Shatner is turning out to the event, but only on Sunday.  You can commission your favourite comic book artist, such as The Walking Dead’s Tony Moore or the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz to draw a picture for you on the spot. Or you can attend one of the many panels that are held and help you understand how comic books are made, what’s coming up, and watch artists work their magic.

Even if you are not a geek making his or her annual forage out of your mother’s basement you’ll find things to enjoy at FanExpo.  Warner Brothers is there with props from their movies, Alliance Atlantis are giving out movie posters and gift bags, and you can catch premieres of new television series such as the upcoming Steven Spielberg production Terra Nova (watch for our review of this show soon).  There really is something there for everyone.

FanExpo is an enjoyable time, and this particular event is the largest in Canada.  Only the annual ComicCon in San Diego is larger in North America.  If you want to attend there is still time. It’s open Saturday from 10 – 8, and Sunday from 10 – 6.

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