How Kimora Lee Simmons Keeps It All Together

Kimora Lee Simmons does it all – she’s a fashion mogul, mother of three, philanthropist and all around fabulous woman. We spoke with her recently about her hit reality television show – Life In The Fab Lane (now it its fourth season in the US and second on E! in Canada) – and found out how she handles her many responsibilities with grace and fabulosity.

“It’s about prioritizing my life,” she said, before admitting “I have a little help maybe the average lady doesn’t have,” referring to her team who often appear on the show. She insists that family always comes first and says that taking time for herself and asking for help is important for balancing her hectic schedule.

As an executive producer on the show, Kimora doesn’t push her daughters Ming Lee, 11 and Aoki Lee, 8, into the spotlight. She lets them decide how much they want to participate in the show and does not have cameras rolling 24/7 in her home. “I’m a protective mother,” she states. “This is not ‘The Real World.’” The girls seem be enjoying the spotlight and have even followed in their fashionable mother’s footsteps by creating their own clothing line, called Miyoki, set to be released this year.

It should comes as no surprise that her daughters are starting young, since Kimora’s career began when she was discovered by Marie-Christine Kollock at the age of 13 in a model search contest in Kansas City. She then went to Paris to work with Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and gained a lot of attention when she closed his couture show in 1989. Her modelling career would come in handy when she married music mogul Russel Simmons and began to make suggestions for his Phat Farm clothing label. She eventually took the reigns with her own off-shoot line, Baby Phat, moving from model to designer. “To be working with the world’s most legendary designers…and seeing their designs come to life is really the foundation for what I do now.” Now she has her own KLS couture collection and Kouture By Kimora, a junior’s brand at Macy’s.

She advises that young women hoping to get into the fashion business turn their expertise into something that can last in an industry where jobs are fleeting. “Its always been the fashion that I loved,” she says about her beginnings as a model and the realization early on that she needed to turn her experiences into a lifelong career. “You can’t model forever…I turned my passion for fashion into a lifestyle brand.” She also advises that girls avoid scandals and act with integrity and respect. “It’s about loving yourself and chasing your passions,” she says.

Kimora is currently busy working on her latest project, a multi-ethnic anti-aging skincare collection called Shinto Clinical, set to debut late summer or early fall. With a book under her belt, 6 fragrances and several clothing lines, we can’t imagine what this former model and mompreneur will do next!

Watch Kimora: Life In The Fab Lane on Sunday nights at 9pm on E!

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