Celebrity News Round-Up: Olivia Wilde, Emma Stone, Ashton Kutcher And Simon Cowell

Revlon has chosen Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone to be the new brand ambassador for their products.  The two actresses will appear in various television, print and digital campaigns starting in 2012.  Stone said “Revlon recognizes that every woman is multifaceted and magnificent in their own way and the expression of individuality is as important to Revlon as it is to me,” in a released statement.  Wilde on the other hand stated “I have always admired Revlon and their commitment to giving women the confidence and tools they need to feel beautiful, both inside and out.”  (People)

It’s all ready being reported that Ashton Kutcher is a huge success on Two and a Half Men, and now word is starting to leak out that he scored a pretty hefty pay check for the role as well.  TMZ is stating “There are reports that he’s raking in $700,000, but we know it’s much higher.  Ashton is actually getting between $800,000 and $900,000 an episode.”  That may seem like a lot, but it’s still a fair bit off from Charlie Sheen $1.2 million per episode. (TMZ)

Simon Cowell’s new reality series X-Factor hasn’t even started airing in the U.S., and all ready it’s making headlines.  Cowell is being sued by two of the hopefully candidates “over claims their audition as a father/son duo was ruined because they were left exhausted after filming a behind-the-scenes segment multiple times.”  Canoe is reporting that “According to the suit, the hopefuls were repeatedly made to walk from a car into the Bank United Center in Miami, Florida as cameramen shot them from different angles. When they finally stepped in front of the judging panel, the Marks men claim they were too tired to impress.”  The pair have also asked for another audition.  (Canoe)

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