Celebrity News Round-Up: Mila Kunis, Connor Paolo And Harrison Ford

Mila Kunis graces the cover of the upcoming issue of Glamour UK, and inside she talks about what type of man she likes.  “Humor is an amazing quality to have.  I like sarcasm, satire, self-deprecating humor. But I also think there’s something to be said for not looking for anything and being pleasantly surprised.”  She also talks about her friendship with Justin Timberlake, calling him “incredibly funny” but dismissing rumors that she’s dating him. “[It’s] an unfortunate thing that comes with the circumstances, but there’s no truth to it whatsoever.”  (Glamour)

Gossip Girl may have one less character when the show returns in the fall.  Connor Paolo, who has played Eric on the hit show for 4 years, is unsure if he’ll return due to him starring in the new ABC show Revenge.  EW reports that Connor stated “I don’t know that I’ll be able to recur on Gossip Girl. That’s a question for the creators of both shows,” at a TCA panel for Revenge.  “I don’t know how I can do it. I’m here. I have to move out here now; I don’t know how’d that work.  I try never to look back…I hope my legacy will be being the one positive character in a slew of double-talkers.”  (EW)

No one was more surprised when Harrison Ford received a lifetime achievement award at Switzerland’s Locarno International Film Festival than the actor himself.  The Cowboys and Aliens stars told the crowd “I’m very grateful for this. It reminds me of my enormous luck in my career to work with so many talented directors, actors, crew, writers, producers. And I appreciate the fact that I still have the opportunity from time to time to make movies.”  (WENN)

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