DVD Releases Week of July 11th, 2011

This week there are 4 new releases on DVD, two of which come out today, and two on Friday.  There’s an interesting mix as well, including a horror, a legal thriller, an animated western and a remake of a hit 80’s comedy.

The Lincoln Lawyer is Matthew McConaughey’s return to the screen as a lawyer.  This time he plays a defense attorney who does the majority of his work from the backseat of his car.  After taking a high profile case of a rich playboy he finds himself in the midst of a case he may not be able to handle.  Especially after his ex-wife and child are threatened.  This movie is pretty decent, and is a throwback to the 90’s legal thrillers.  Check out our review here.

Insidious is the latest horror movie from James Wan.  After their child falls into a coma, a family calls upon the services of a ghost hunters and psychics in an attempt to reclaim their child from the dark forces that haunt their home.  The movie is definitely creepy at times, but unfortunately ends up explaining way too much and loses track of itself.

When is was announced that Russell Brand was taking over the role of Arthur from Dudley Moore there were certainly a lot of groans.  The movie isn’t too bad however, and you find yourself actually liking the lovable drunk who spends most of his time trying to woo one woman, while avoiding another his mother has chosen for him to marry.

And finally this week sees the release of Rango.  Johnny Depp stars as the voice of Rango, a chameleon who lives in the wild west, and ends up becoming sheriff of a town plagued by villains.  It did decent at the theater, and should draw even more money in from DVD release.

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