DVD Releases – July 19th, 2011

With the large amount of DVD’s released last week, two on Tuesday and two on Friday, this week is a little slower.  Still, it does see the release on Bradley Cooper’s latest and a comedy starring Topher Grace.  Combined with last week’s new releases you do at least have a bit of a choice.

Limitless is Bradley Cooper’s latest about a struggling author who finds a drug that makes him a genius.  Unfortunately for him he never once considered the side effects, or who may want the secrets of the drugs.  It’s an entertaining movie, and it co-stars Robert De Niro and Abbie Cornish.  Unfortunately it never really found much success at the theater, but with all the movie’s Mr. Cooper has been in throughout the last few years it’s not really going to hurt his career.

The only other release of note this week is Take Me Home Tonight.  This ensemble picture is about an aimless college graduate who chases his dream girl during a Labor Day party.  Throughout the evening his twin sister and best friend struggle with their own issues.  The movie stars Topher Grace, Anna Ferris, Lucy Punch and Michelle Trachtenberg.  This movie came and went without much of a whimper, and will probably fade to the discount shelves at Wal-Mart before too long.

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