Comic Con Showcases Star Wars Deleted Scenes

As any Star Wars fanatic knows George Lucas is releasing the six Star Wars films on Bluray on September 16th, and he’s promised the fans of the ultra popular series that he’s going to include deleted scenes for each of the movies.

Of course what fans want to know is what deleted scenes are still available to be included.  This week at Comic Con in San Diego Lucasfilm unveiled a clip they’d put together of several of the deleted scenes from the original trilogy.  What you can see is Luke lighting up his newly built lightsaber in Return of the Jedi,  a wampa smashing into the rebel base in Empire Strikes Back, and Luke watching the battle that kicks off A New Hope from Tatooine through a pair of binoculars.

The clip doesn’t allow you to hear the dialogue since the Empire Strikes Back score is running throughout it, but it still gives fans something to look forward to.

With all the releases of Star Wars on DVD and before that on VHS, are you ready to spend even more on the series again?

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