Super 8 – Movie Review

super8movieposterJ.J. Abrams has been producing and writing TV shows since the late 1990’s, but it wasn’t until 2006’s Mission Impossible III that he stepped behind the camera and directed his first motion picture.  He then moved on to direct the hugely successful reboot of the Star Trek franchise in 2009.  Steven Spielberg on the other hand has been making movies since the 1970’s.  Both have been hugely successful, and when it was announced that they were teaming up to make Super 8 science fiction and movie fans alike couldn’t wait to see the result.  With the release of Super 8 this weekend the world will finally get to see what two of the greatest minds in the industry came up with.

Super 8 follows a group of friends in 1979 who are intent on filming a zombie movie on a Super 8 camera.  One night they decide to film at an old abandoned railroad station, and while doing so they witness a horrific train crash.  Shortly there after strange things start happening around the town; all the dogs run away, people disappear without a trace, and the power starts to flicker on and off.  The air force arrives to clean the mess up, and the children decide to use their presence as a backdrop for their movie.  Unfortunately for them something was in the train during the crash, and it managed to escape.  Soon it becomes a game of surviving the creature’s assault, and avoiding the air force, while attempting to the solve the mystery of what the creature was doing in the train in the first place.

Super 8 is clearly an homage to Steven Spielberg’s movies of the past.  It’s clearly reminiscent of E.T., Jurassic Park, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  If you are looking for a new groundbreaking movie this one isn’t it, but it keeps you entertained nonetheless because it brings back a type of movie that hasn’t been made in quite some time.  You find yourself caught up in the kids’ adventures early on, and you want to know what is going on just as much as they do.  It’s also impressive that the plot of this movie was kept secret basically until the movie was released.  The trailers gave nothing away, nor did any of the stars.  This is the type of movie that parents can take their older children to and manage to be entertained by just as much as them.  It’s an entertaining movie from start to finish, and it has everything from adventure and suspense, to comedy and drama.  It’s worth seeing, and is one of the best of the year so far.

If you are looking to have some fun this weekend, this is the movie for you.  This is what blockbuster season is all about, and paying money to see this one won’t be something you end up regretting.  Hopefully it manages to stick around for a bit, because it’s probably better than a lot of the movies opening in the next couple of weeks.

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