Music Review: Katy Perry California Dreams Concert

katy perry california dreams tourThousands of girls went to bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in their head last night thanks to the first Canadian stop of Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour. Katy took the crowd on an Alice In Wonderland (or Katy In Candyland) style journey complete with a candy covered stage, mimes, aerial acrobats, choreographed dancing and lots of sparkles helping her sing her songs.

During previous concerts Katy’s voice hasn’t always been on point. She has a good voice, but it is often noticeably different from what you hear on albums. Her true voice is full, think jazz and gospel, not sugary pop. She just doesn’t have power of a Lady Gaga or Christina Aguilera, but you can’t fault her for that. Now Katy has trained her voice more and arranged her show so you don’t notice the difference so much and you can focus on the fun. There was lot of that going on.

Katy opened the concert with “Teenage Dream” in a dress covered in spinning pinwheels and red ruby slippers. From there she skipped through songs old and new without fault. Hits like “I Kissed A Girl,” “E.T.” and “Thinking Of You” had the young girls and their mom’s singing along. She tried showing her natural talent by doing acoustic covers of her “favourites” like Willow Smith’s “Whip Your Hair” and Rihanna’s “The Only Girl In The World.”

Even if you didn’t know the words there was more than enough going on to keep you entertained. Katy had at least 10 costume changes (not including the quick change show she gave us while singing “Hot And Cold”). Her outfits included a black sequin cat suit, a white bathing suit covered in pompoms, a long multicoloured evening gown with feather boa and a dress that transformed into a peacock costume with a feather plume. The stage and dancers were also transformed from dancing peacocks to a Vegas side show to gingerbread men. If that’s not enough Katy rode a floating cloud out over the crowd for one song.

Katy ended things with a bang, pardon the pun, when “Fireworks” closed the show with some real pyrotechnic exploding on the stage. After a few minutes of serious preteens screams Katy returned for a finale of “California Gurls.”

It was the ultimate girl’s night out at the ACC with Katy coming across part cheesy and part cheeky. No matter which side you prefer it’s impossible to deny that we all don’t secretly want a friend like Katy. In general it was mostly all flash with little substance, but what more could you want for a show where all you want to do is dance with your girlfriends.

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