Movies Opening June 17th, 2011

mrpopperspenguinsposterOnce again there are only two new movies opening this weekend, and once again it’s an interesting mix.  We’ve got the comic book based superhero action flick, and the a new comedy starring Jim Carrey.  Both are kind of risky ventures considering one is based on a not as well known as Superman or Batman superhero and the other is starring a comedian looking to reclaim his box office draw of old.  Should be a good race for number one.

Green Lantern is based on the DC Comics series about an intergalactic peace keeper.  Hal Jordan is a test pilot forFerris air craft, and one day he happens upon a dying alien who gives him a ring of extraordinary power.  After being trained in the ways of the ring Hal is tasked with the almost impossible job of defeating an entity called Parallax.  Comic book fans have both been looking forward to and dreading this movie.  On one hand it’s based on a really cool comic book, but on the other is looks like a CGI nightmare.  It’ll probably run into the same problem as Thor, which is a lot of movie going fans will have no idea who Green Lantern is.  Hopefully this one is better than it looks, but it’s doubtful.

Jim Carrey has not been the box office draw he once was, but with Mr. Popper’s Penguins returning him to the rubbery faced funny man he once was he’s hoping he can reclaim a little of what he’s lost.  Carry plays Mr. Popper, a wealthy businessman who inherits six penguins and must care for them in his Manhattan apartment.  This movie looks like it could be funny, and since it’s based on a hit children’s novel it could be a sleeper hit.

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