Movies Opening June 10th, 2011

super8movieposterWith Hollywood releasing less movies this year, we’re given very limited choices as to what to see during blockbuster season.  This week only two new pictures open, with the Steven Spielberg / J.J. Abrams sci-fi movie leading the way, and a young girls movie based on a best selling book series being the alternative.

What exactly is Super 8 about?  That’s the question, and no one seems to be answering it.  J.J. Abrams is the king of keeping his movie plots secret, and this one is no different.  All that is known is that it takes place in 1979, involves a train crash, and inexplicable disappearances.  Of course you can’t forget the children filming it all on their Super 8 camera.  With Steven Spielberg’s name attached as a producer, this seems like it could be the big hit of the summer.  Time will tell the final outcome, but one thing is for certain people will be talking about it one way or another.

The other option this weekend is Judy Moody and the Not So Bummer Summer.  Based on the hit series of children’s novels by Megan Macdonald.  The movie seems to be a girls version of the Wimpy Kid movies, and is about a 3 grader who makes a promise to herself to have the most thrilling summer ever.  If done right this could be a huge hit, or it could get smothered by the blockbusters.  At the very least it gives moviegoers with children a second option this weekend.

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