Green Lantern Movie Review

greenlanternposterHal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is a test pilot for Ferris aircraft.  His father was a pilot before him and died in a tragic accident while testing a plane, thus Hal is reckless and takes chances he shouldn’t.  A day after barely surviving a crash Hal is transported by a power ring to the side of a dying alien.  He’s been chosen by the ring to defend Earth’s sector of space as one of the Green Lantern Corps, a sort of intergalactic police force.  The body of the alien is discovered by the government, and given to Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) to dissect.  Unfortunately Hector is infected by an alien parasite known as Parallax during his investigation, and summons to entity to Earth.   Hal quickly finds himself battling not only the fear entity and Hector Hammond, but himself and his own fears as well.  If he can’t overcome his fears Earth is doomed.

Green Lantern is a mess.  The CGI effects look way too cartoony, the story is one the average movie going crowd will not get, and other than Ryan Reynolds and Mark Strong the cast is completely miscast.  The biggest problem is that Warner Brothers is trying to push a superhero that a lot of people don’t know about.  Iron Man worked as a movie because it’s a guy in a suit of armor that can fly, Thor works because he’s a god, and the X-Men works because they’re mutants (or outcasts).   Green Lantern on the other hand is a man who wields a power ring powered by will from a planet called Oa run by little blue men called Guardians and fights an entity that feeds on fear.  Talk about a mouthful.  Comic book fans will get it, but they’ll be too busy pulling apart the movie for the changes from the comic book that were made to bring it to the big screen to really like it.  Ryan Reynolds is good in the role of Hal Jordan, and like most of his movies he’s charismatic and likable.  Mark Strong is great as Sinestro as well, but you don’t see enough of him.  Blake Lively really looked out of place playing Carol Ferris, and did not fit in as the love interest.

Green Lantern is the type of movie you can enjoy if nothing else is playing, but it’s really not worth the money.  It’s doomed by the convoluted plot and poor effects.  It simply looks like Warner Brothers rushed something out in order to compete in the superhero movie field dominated by Marvel.

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