Entertainment Weekly Talks To J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg

ew-1159_300When it was announced that superstar writer and director J.J. Abrams would be teaming up with the legendary Steven Spielberg to make a movie, science fiction fans got excited.  After all J.J. Abrams was the one responsible for the Star Trek reboot a couple of years back, not to mention the hit TV series lost, and Steven Spielberg, well he’s the Steven Spielberg who has brought hit after hit including 80’s phenomenon E.T..  Movie fans couldn’t wait to see what the pair would come up with.  The result is Super 8, which opens today in theaters everywhere.  Entertainment Weekly sat down with the pair to talk about the geekiness, their love of movies, and what it was like working together.

Abrams recalls he and his friend Matt Reeves being hired30 years ago to fix Spielberg’s childhood Super 8 film.  “I remember working on this one film and getting to the credits where it said: ‘Written and directed by Steve Spielberg.’ Not ‘Steven.’ Steve Spielberg!” Abrams tells EW. “I told Matt: I am totally going to cut one of these ‘Steve Spielberg’ frames out of this film and keep it for myself, but Matt talked me out of it.”

Steven replied  “People only called me Steven after my first screen credit. I prefer Steve, but those days are long gone.”

During the interview they talk about everything, including Spielberg’s hit Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Abrams tells EW “It’s the story of a man who abandons his family for aliens.  Moreover, the last 15 minutes, the main characters don’t do anything. They’re just observing the aliens. There are all these reasons why the movie shouldn’t work — and it couldn’t work more perfectly.”

Spielberg agrees as well.  “I would not have written it that way today, now that I have seven children,” he says. “I would never write a story today that encourages the father and husband to abandon his family.”

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