DVD Releases June 7th, 2011

just_go_with_itAfter weeks of having a limited number of DVD releases, this week there are four new titles to chose from.  There’s a western, a comedy, a drama, and a supposed true story adventure movie.  It’s an interesting mix that is sure to include something for everyone.

The best of the bunch this week is True Grit.  This movie was released near the end of 2010 and it immediately made a huge impact.  Not only was it a remake of the 1969 classic that gave John Wayne his only Oscar, but it also managed to grab Oscar nominations for itself, its director, and its two main stars.  The movie’s plot, in case you don’t all ready know, is about a young girl who hires a US Marshall to help her track down her father’s killer.  The Coen Brothers have made yet another hit.  See our movie review here.

Adam Sandler has made a career of playing the lovable loser, and this time around it’s more of the same in Just Go With It.  Sandler plays a dentist who pretends he is going through a painful divorce in order to get women.  In this case however he falls in love with the woman he’s with, and ends up having to get his assistant, played by Jennifer Aniston, pretend she’s his ex.  The movie is basically what you’d expect, and has more than a few good chuckles.  Read our review.  Also make sure to check out our Get The Look feature on Jennifer Aniston.

Company Men tells the story of America during the latest recession.  Ben Affleck plays a businessman who suddenly finds himself the victim of corporate downsizing and without a job.  Unable to secure a job in his field, he has to take a construction job with his wife’s brother.  Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper and Kevin Costner co-star in this film.

The final new release this week is the weakest of the bunch.  Sanctum was advertised as a James Cameron production, but in reality he probably had very little to with this load of rubbish.  Supposedly based on real events, it tells the tale of cave explorers who find themselves trapped and having to find a different way out of the underwater maze they find themselves in.  The movie is better used as something to help cure insomnia than to entertain.  Read our review of this terrible movie here.

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