DVD Releases June 28th, 2011

Sucker Punch Movie ReviewThe theme of the week for new DVD releases is under-performers.  You’ve got a modern retelling of a classic fairy tale, an action packed fantasy, and a Nicholas Cage flick that takes place in the middle ages.  It’s quite a combination for sure, but will any of them do well on DVD?

Beastly was Vanessa Hudgens’ first foray into a lead role, and it’s basically a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.  Shockingly it’s not a bad movie, but it was more suited to a life as a made for TV movie than a theatrical release.   Alex Pettyfer plays a rich stuck up snob who is cursed by a teenage witch to be ugly until he can find someone to love him.  You can check out our review here.

Director Zack Snyder had typically been a box office draw, but unfortunately for him his first original story was more or a less a big disappointment.  Sucker Punch is more of a video game than a movie, with a disjointed plot, young actresses, and a great soundtrack.  When Baby Doll is committed after her mother’s death she ends up escaping into a fantasy world inside her head.  There she fights the undead, dragons, and other enemies as she attempts to gather the five items that will help her get away.  We reviewed the movie here.

Season of the Witch is the oldest of the new releases, having come out in January.  It’s about two crusading knights who agree to transport an accused witch to a remote abbey for trial.  Nicholas Cage is out of place in this movie, but Ron Perlman does a decent job.  Unfortunately the plot of the movie is pretty bad too.  Our review is here.

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