January Jones Turns Heads In New X-Men Flick

x-men_firstclassGeeks of the world are a probably having a hard time containing themselves as they await the latest X-Men movie to hit the big screen on June 3rd.  Well thanks to 20th Century Fox they at least can catch a glimpse of some behind the scenes footage from the movie.

If you happen to like action, X-Men: First Class seems to deliver.  They also seem to cater to the comic book geeks as Emma Frost (played by January Jones) is wearing very little like she does on the printed page.  These clips shows Kevin Bacon as the head of the Hellfire Club Sebastian Shaw, along with two of his minions attack other mutants in their hideout in order to get them to join their cause.  You also see January Jones use her mutant ability to turning her skin into diamond, and a clip of her filming a scene.

The movie looks like it could be interesting, but you need to remember that it is a prequel to the earlier incarnations.  It takes place in a time when Magneto and Professor X are still friends, and when the mutants are just getting noticed in the world.  It has a brand new cast, with mostly new characters, so it should be interesting to see how it fairs.

To view the videos check out Toofab.com.

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