JUNO Fan Fare Brings Musicians To Fans

JUNO Fan Fare, JUNO Awards - Keshia ChanteThis afternoon hundreds of screaming fans waited patiently in the cold for the chance to meet their favourite Canadian musicians as a part of JUNO Fan Fare.

This was the fans’ chance to say hello, get an autograph, a picture and maybe even a hug from Canadian musicians (some of whom are up for a JUNO Award at tomorrow’s ceremony). There was someone there for every music lover. Participating artists included Classified, Danny Fernandes, Down With Webster, Faber Drive, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Dean Brody, George Canyon, Hannah Georgas, Johnny Reid, Karl Wolf, Hollerado, The Midway State, Stereos, Hedley, Shad, Keshia Chante, These Kids Wear Crowns and Sweet Thing.

The screams could be heard from the street as MuchMusic interviewed many of the bands and a few even got up to sing for the crowd. Here are some pictures from today’s JUNO festivities.

JUNO Fan Fare, JUNO Awards - Hedley

Hedley’s Dave Rosin posing for the crowd

JUNO Fan Fare, JUNO Awards - Classified & Shad

Classified & Shad

JUNO Fan Fare, JUNO Awards - Stereos

Stereo’s Aaron Verdonk signs autographs

JUNO Fan Fare, JUNO Awards - Down With Webster

Down With Webster’s Martin “Bucky” Seja chats with a fan

JUNO Fan Fare, JUNO Awards - Hedley

Hedley’s Jacob Hoggard gets his picture taken with a fan.

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