JUNO Awards Kick Off With JUNO Block Party


Last night the JUNO Awards started festivities in Toronto with a chilly Block Party featuring Canadian musicians Shad, Hannah Georgas and City & Colour.

junos-crowd-block-partyIn true Canadian fashion, an unexpected Spring storm blew into Toronto meaning the opening party for the music awards was celebrated in touques, mittens and scarves. Despite the sub-zero temperatures, hundreds of people came out to bear the cold and see their favourites perform live and free on the street.

Rapper Shad kicked off the event while the sun was still up with his brand of easy going, light hearted hip-hop music. Indie singer Hannah Georgas and her band serenaded the crowd next with her soft voice and light poppy songs. It was clear from the crowds huddled in nearby buildings that everyone was waiting for the headliner, City & Colour.

Dallas Green came from the hard rock scene to win over Canada with his big voice and acoustic guitar in his City & Colour side project. It was clear just how loyal his fans are as you saw everyone cheering and shivering when he hit the stage. Dallas played through songs both old (“Hello, I’m In Delaware”) and new music from his upcoming Little Hell album.

Dallas was clearly just as chilly as the crowd as he warmed his hands with his breath between songs and tried to keep his guitar sounding its best despite the cold taking its toll. This is Canada though, and although we were all suffering, you didn’t hear complaints about the weather just smiles and people singing and swaying along.

Dallas will be performing at the JUNO Awards on Sunday in the star-studded performance event. And we will be covering the festivities from around Toronto all weekend long!


Hannah Georgas                                             City & Colour

[Photos via iPhoto.ca/CARAS]

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