Spring’s Most Anticipated Movies

your_highness_posterSummer blockbusters attract all the attention, but spring movies have been getting more and more attractive in the last few years.  After all January and February really don’t offer a lot in terms of great, or even good movies, and by the time March rolls around audiences  are restless in anticipation.  This year there are a few good looking movies that people have been waiting to see, and here are the best of the best.

Battle:  Los Angeles – March 11th.  The special effects look great, the action looks intense, and thanks to Aaron Eckhart’s involvement the acting should be decent in this alien invasion movie.  Michelle Rodriguez looks like she’s got her trademark scowl going full force for this one as well.

Limitless – March 18th.  Bradley Cooper is everywhere these days, and in this new movie he’s co-starring with Robert De Niro.  The movie is about a struggling copywriter who discovers an experimental drug that opens his mind and allows him to use it to the full potential.  At first his life changes for the better, but then he finds himself in a fight for his life as he discovers other people want his abilities for themselves.

Sucker Punch – March 25th.  Zack Snyder has been directing one hit after another, and Sucker Punch looks to continue the streak.  This surreal looking movie is about a young girl who is institutionalized and finds an alternate reality while she tries to cope with her situation.  Eventually this reality helps her come up with a plan of escape.

Your Highness – April 8th.  Usually every spring there is a comedy released that does a lot better than expected.  Your Highness could be that big hit this year.  It stars James Franco and Danny McBride as brothers on a quest to save the princess.  This fantasy movie looks pretty ridiculous, and it’s kind of surprising that Natalie Portman agreed to be in it, but it also looks really funny.

Scream 4 – April 15th.  Can you believe it’s been 11 years since the last Scream movie?  Wes Craven returns to the series everyone thought was finally finished to examine how horror movies have changed in the last ten years.  Neve Cambell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette all return and bring the ghost face killer back with them.

Thor – May 6th.  The first of the superhero movies arrives in May.  Natalie Portman is in yet another movie, and this one is about the Norse thunder god who is banished to Earth because of his arrogance.    Chris Hemsworth stars as the fallen god, while Anthony Hopkins plays his father Odin.

Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides – May 20th. Johnny Depp returns as Captain Jack Sparrow, and this time he’s in search of the fountain of youth while trying to avoid the notorious pirate Blackbeard.  Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane join the cast for this new adventure.

The Hangover 2 – May 27th.  Can lightening strike twice?  This movie is included simply because no one really knows what to expect from the sequel to the movie that took over as the highest grossing R-rated comedy of all time.  Obviously the gang who went to Vegas and tried piecing together their previous night’s adventures can’t go back there, so where better to head than to Thailand?

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