Kate Middleton On The Cover Of People Magazine

kate-middleton-300The royal wedding is still over two months away, but any news and information about Kate Middleton and Prince William is a hot topic these days.  This time People Magazine managed to snag some exclusive information about the event.

For instance, Kate is planning to arrive to the ceremony at Westminster Abbey by car, and not by carriage.  A source told People that “Catherine opted for a slightly lower-key arrival.  She felt she would be arriving as Miss Middleton and leaving as HRH whatever, so that was the thinking behind it.”

Royal fans hoping for the more traditional wedding need not fret however, as the royal couple are planning on leaving the wedding by carriage.

As much information as People managed to obtain, some things will not be revealed until the day arrives. “Prince William and Catherine are keen that some things be a surprise for that day, for their friends and family and those watching around the world.”

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