Adrianne Palicki Chosen To Play Wonder Woman

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor the longest time it has been a mystery as to whether or not David E. Kelley’s new version of Wonder Woman would ever find a network willing to give it a chance, but now that NBC has decided to at least give the pilot airtime Adrianne Palicki has been cast to play the Amazonian Princess.

Some may be wondering just who is Adrianne Palicki.  Well she’s a 27 year old actress, who has starred in Friday Night Lights as Tyra Collette, and is in the upcoming remake of Red Dawn.  She can also been seen in re-runs of Supernatural where she played Jessica Moore, Sam’s deceased girlfriend, and in South Beach and Lone Star.

The question of course is can she fill the boots of Wonder Woman.  Comic books fans are all ready debating it, and one thing that has come up is her height.  She’s 5’11, which is definitely tall enough.  In the comic books Wonder Woman is portrayed as being anywhere from 5’11 to 6’3.  She’s certainly beautiful enough for the role as well.  Apparently she will be playing three roles in the show, Wonder Woman, her first alter-ego, billionaire business woman Diana Themyscira, and her assistant Diana Prince.  That’s an awful lot of shoes to fill.

According to Deadline.com Palicki was the only actress who tested for the role.  Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman in the 1970’s series, tweeted “Congratulations Adrianne!” when the story broke.

Picture Courtesy of:  Natasha Baucas

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