Music Review: Mookie & The Loyalists EP

mookie-morris-and-the-loyalists-music-reviewby music writer, guest blogger

If you’re Canadian, the name Mookie Morris may ring a bell. In 2008, Mookie appeared on Canadian Idol, as the token rock star. His gruff voice and retro moves made him a shoo in to win hearts. He sang old school rock songs like nobody else could, but he was destined to be eliminated. Mookie Morris was the sixth person to go home. He was never made to win Canadian Idol though. He was made to create this album.

If he can strip himself of the Idol label, Mookie Morris could quickly win the hearts of indie rockers around the world. This first EP is filled with danceable tracks that could get a concert crowd bopping to the beat in an instant. His edgy voice holds the rhythms and makes you want to move.

While this type of hipster dance rock isn’t my favourite music, there is a huge crowd for it and Mookie & The Loyalists have potential to go far. Put on your dancing shoes indie rockers, because Mookie Morris is planning on giving Canada our own home grown version of The Stroke or The Hives.

Watch this live video of Mookie Morris to get an idea of what they sound like:

[youtube UnVFHKGRRQ0]

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