Interview: Property Brothers- Jonathan and Drew Scott Fix Up Canada

Property Brothers Drew Jonathan Scott

Recently in Toronto we caught up with the latest dynamic duo in house renovation reality tv. Property Brothers hosted by Drew and Jonathan Scott offers a few new twists to the genre. To start off with Jonathan is a licenced contractor in real life and both brothers have years of real estate experience, so they are able to bring in real life experience to the show.

Real Style: How did you get into this?

Drew : Property Brothers is the perfect show for us! Not only do we have real estate backgrounds, we have also been acting since we were kids and even have a film production company. Jonathan is also a professional illusionist and magician, as the matter of fact we both now reside in Las Vegas and are pursuing entertainment opportunities there… After the producers approached us we jumped at the chance to share our building expertise and have fun hosting the show.

Jonathan: I’m probably the only licenced contractor who is also a host of one of these shows. I have built houses from the ground up and have worked on many commercial projects as well. When we actually come to renovate a house on the show, I often know what I can anticipate and am prepared to deal with it… calmly.

Real Style: How is doing a TV renovation show different then renovating a real house?

Drew & Jonathan: First off, we have to work on a much faster schedule because you have a show to shoot. We have 3 crews who have done the full house renovations you see on tv in 4 to 6 weeks. In real life it can drag on… you just can’t do that with a show to shoot. Also, we work with the actual budgets that you see on the show. So if the home owner has $50,000 to spend, then this is what we work with. In real life the budgets can be much bigger or smaller.

Real Style: Has anything happened on the show behind the scenes with the home owners that we don’t get to see?

Drew: Yeah, lots of drama with the home owners. You have couples fighting and even worse. On the last show, the house owners actually took off for most of the renovation and we were left on our own.

Real Style: The two guys who went to Barcelona? We thought that was fixed for the show!

Jonathan: No, they actually left. In any case it worked out fine, because if they didn’t like something after it was all done… too bad at that point. Didn’t come to that though, they loved everything they saw!

Real Style: What’s next for the dynamic duo?

Drew: We are looking forward to next season of  the Property Brothers and hope to shoot double the amount of episodes. We would love to see a show like that expand to the States as well.  We also want to pursue film opportunites with our production company.

Jonathan: And I want my own magic/illusion show in Las Vegas! I was ranked as one of the top three magicians in North America and am ready for a comeback…

Since we needed proof that magical skills were not just focus/pocus, Jonathan was put to the performance test. He magically produced a loonie from an unsuspecting back of ear and managed to get Drew to pay for lunch! Well, we were convinced and hence kept a close eye on our valuables! Looks like the sky is the limit for these two talented and very tall ( 6’5″) siblings. Propety Brothers runs tonight on the W Network at 10 pm. EST.

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