2011 Golden Globe Predictions

The Golden Globe Awards are this Sunday evening, and we here at Real Style Network would like to share our predictions for the upcoming evening.

Best Motion Picture: Drama – You can automatically write off The Fighter and Inception.  Both are good, but won’t win the award here.  Black Swan does have a chance, but it is the underdog.  It’s going to come down to The King’s Speech and The Social Network.  It really depends on what mood voters are in, but our prediction is The Social Network takes the award here due to this being David Fincher’s second film in a row to be nominated in this category.

Best Motion Picture: Musical or Comedy – No Contest.  The Kids Are All Right takes it.

Best Actor Drama – This will be a fight.  As good as Ryan Gosling is in Blue Valentine he doesn’t stand a chance, and is the only of those nominated who definitely will not win.  The next crossed off our list is Jesse Eisenberg.  He’s good in The Social Network, but others in this category are better.  Out of the remaining three, James Franco, Colin Firth and Mark Wahlberg, look for Colin Firth to take the award due to his loss last year at the Oscars for his role in A Single Man.

Best Actress Drama – In a two horse race you’ll see Hollywood’s current it girl Natalie Portman up against newcomer Jennifer Lawrence.   This is a very difficult decision because both girls deserve the award for their performances in Black Swan and Winter’s Bone respectively.  Our prediction is going to be based on our instincts instead of who we’d rather see win, and chose Natalie Portman to win this one.

Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical will see Paul Giamatti win over the twice nominated Johnny Depp, and Best Actress will see either Annette Bening or Julianne Moore win for The Kids Are All Right.  If forced to chose one over the other, then Annette Bening it is after a coin toss.  The Supporting Actor and Actress categories will be dominated by The Fighter, as both Christian Bale and Amy Adams come out with the awards.

On the TV side of things Mad Men will easily take Best Drama, while The Big Bang Theory will triumph over Glee in Best Musical or Comedy.  Best Comedic Actor award will most likely go to Steve Carell since this is his last season on The Office,  while Best Comedic Actress will be a tougher battle with Toni Collette of United States of Tara taking it.  The Best Drama Actor will be harder to predict, but isn’t it about time Michael C. Hall wins for Dexter?  It’s such a shame that John Hamm will probably win.  The Best Drama Actress will see Mad Men take another award with Elisabeth Moss edging out Juliana Margulies.

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