Music Review: Stereos – Uncontrollable

stereos uncontrollableby music writer, guest blogger

Canadian band Stereos made it big when they won the MuchMusic reality television show, Disband. They scored a record deal and were everywhere for a little while with their singles “Summer Girl” and “Turn It Up.” Now, their sophomore cd is in stores and we will find out if they are talented or just lucky.

Uncontrollable offers absolutely nothing new. The beats feel re-purposed. Some of the songs are so similar to old tracks, it’s hard to tell the difference. I understand that their first album was rushed to try to take advantage of the show, but there isn’t much excuse for the lack of real depth in this music. Uncontrollable is just filled with dance pop songs that young girls can scream and bounce along to. There isn’t any substance. Sure this is their audience right now, but when these same girls get a few years older they will be embarrassed they ever listened to Stereos. Then what happens to the band?

I want to be on Stereos’ side. I have heard singer Pat Kordyback sing without autotune and he has a decent voice. Drummer Aaron Verdonk used to be in a great Canadian rock band. They seem like genuinely nice guys. I just wish they would take the chance MuchMusic gave them and use it to do some good.

Watch the first music video from Uncontrollable here:

[youtube VVxGJLLGde8]

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