Movies Opening December 22nd, 2010

gullivermovieposterWith Christmas arriving at the end of the week Hollywood is jumping out early with their new releases.  Of course there is the traditional Christmas Day opening as well.  This week we see the second sequel of the 2000 hit movie Meet The Parents, a remake of a 1969 western, and an updated version of a classic novel.

When Meet The Parents came out in 2000 is was almost guaranteed to be a hit.  After all Ben Stiller was on a streak of hits, Owen Wilson was starting to make a name for himself, and Robert De Niro was a bankable actor.  Flash forward 10 years and a lot has changed.  Ben Stiller’s career isn’t as hot as it used to be, Owen Wilson has gone through some personal issues that pulled him from the limelight, and Robert De Niro hasn’t had a hit in quite awhile.  Still Little Fockers seems like it could be the hit of the holiday season.  This one centers around the twin children Greg Focker and his wife have had since the last movie, and a birthday party held for them.

True Grit is about a young girl who recruits a U.S. Marshall to hunt down the man who killed her father.  Apparently the movie is closer to the book than the original, and by all accounts it appears as if Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld are all aiming for an Oscar nod in this one.  The Coen Brothers may have actually out done themselves, and made a better movie than the original John Wayne classic.

And what’s Christmas weekend without the traditional Christmas Day opening.  This year the honor is bestowed upon Jack Black’s retelling of Gulliver’s Travels.  Re-imagining classic novels hardly ever turns out well, and if this movie is as bad as it appears to be no one will want to see it.

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