Heidi Klum And Paris Hilton Star In CBS Special I Get That A Lot

I Get That A Lot is a CBS series of specials where they take celebrities and put them in every day jobs such as working at a fast food joint or a clothing store, and wait to see who recognizes them. Of course the celebrities deny that they are themselves.  Tonight’s special that airs at 9:30 features Heidi Klum and Paris Hilton, as well as clips from previous episodes.

Heidi, the host of Project Runway, pretends to be working at a pizzeria.  “I didn’t wear makeup and I had my hair in a bun with a pencil in it,” she  told ET.  “I got to be the pizza girl. I got to be someone I am normally not. I was quite rude to people. I would bite their pizza and give it to them. I would drop the dough on the floor, pick it up and use it.”  Paris Hilton on the other hand is working as a gas station attendant, which is obviously quite the change of pace for her.

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