VH1 Gives Katy Perry A Digital Boob Job

divas_katyIn the past year there have been plenty of Photoshop scandals where touched up pictures have caused the public to question what they see in magazines including a Ralph Lauren ad and a Demi Moore cover, and now VH1 is making headlines for toning down Katy Perry’s breasts for a poster for their upcoming Divas Salute The Troops special.

The funny thing is it wasn’t VH1 who decided to make the alterations.  Us Magazine says an insider told them that “her team thinks her boobs look too big.”  Apparently they requested the digital boob job to avoid a new controversy, such as the one from back in September where the pop sensation was taken off of Sesame Street for showing a little too much of herself.

The Sesame Street one is understandable, even though she was wearing a body suit underneath, but who ever heard of a soldier complaining about seeing a little too much cleavage?

The Divas Salute The Troops special airs Sunday December 5th at 9pm EST on VH1.

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