Music Review: Nelly Furtado – Best Of

nelly furtado best of cd music reviewby Music Writer, guest blogger

I’ve never really considered myself a fan of Nelly Furtado’s music. Her fame in Canadian music snuck up on me and now it feels like she has always been around. I was surprised she had enough music built up to warrant a best of.

Listening through the album, it’s amazing how many of the tracks I know and are staples in Canadian music. Nelly Furtado’s early singles “I’m Like A Bird,” “Turn Off The Light,” “Powerless” and “Try” are all amazing examples of Canadian music. They are pop, but still give Nelly Furtado room to explore her roots and heritage (there are even a few Portuguese songs on the disc). Maybe I am more of a Nelly Furtado fan than I thought.

Then we get to the very confusing middle of the disc, where Nelly seems to have lost herself in favour of dance hits and Timbaland. “Promiscuous” and “Man Eater” are fun songs, but they don’t make sense when you look at her career as a whole.

By the time we get to the the end of the album, she has lost me a little. Other than the James Morrison duet “Broken Strings,” I haven’t heard any of these so-called hits. Maybe it’s just me, maybe Nelly really is still the powerhouse hit maker. Her new single on the album, “Night Is Young,” is a mix of Nelly’s rootsy voice and pop/dance. It should do relatively well.

I think Nelly Furtado may have fallen off the map a little as far as Canadian music is concerned, but that doesn’t make her any less talented. This is a great album to just sit back and relax to.

Watch Nelly Furtado’s new music video here:

[youtube RUScb1-9ChY]

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