Music Review: Hedley – Go With The Show

hedley go with the showby Music Writer, guest blogger

I am fortunate enough to have seen Canada’s Hedley in concert a few times before. From Jacob Hoggard’s start as a Canadian Idol hopeful, he has been making his mark on the Canadian music scene with his big voice and even bigger personality.

Hedley have created some memorable concert moments for me (like when he taped himself to a fan and ran around the stage or gave the crowd a minute to throw anything they wanted at them). Listening to their live cd, Go With The Show, that energy and spontaneity doesn’t quite come across. Without seeing the way they move and go crazy it’s hard to be in the moment. Now that could be because Hedley knew they were recording this and wanted to put on a more professional show or, more likely, they saved the fun stuff for the DVD.

It’s tricky sometimes to still sound good on a live album and put on a good show for the fans, but Hedley have managed to do so. Jacobs Hoggard sounds terrific and proves he can actually sing live. There isn’t too much dead air where you wonder what is going on. They keep the banter to a minimum so the tracks don’t drag on forever.

The set list itself for Hedley’s Go With The Show is amazing for any fan of the music. From the new singles “Perfect” and “Cha-Ching” to old favourites “321” and “Trip,” the band covered everything. Almost all of the ballads made it into the set list, so it’s perfect for the softies and female fans. They even slipped in a new song “Beautiful,” which will get you pumped for new Hedley music.

Go With The Show has refreshed my love for this Canadian band… and makes me want to go see them in concert again. I would still suggest making sure you get the DVD combo to see the guys in their full form with Jacobs Hoggard whipping himself around the stage like a mad man.

Watch the trailer for a taste of Hedley’s Go With The Show:

[youtube Riw7Y447hHk]

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