Movies Opening November 12th, 2010

unstoppableThis week we’ve got the war of the action movies, as two potential big blockbusters open against one another.  One is based on a true story about a runaway train, and the other is an alien invasion movie that is drawing comparisons to Independence Day.  Along for the ride as well is a new comedy with Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford that has all ready opened, two days before the others, to try and get some of the market for itself.  Should be an interesting weekend, but everyone knows that next week’s Harry Potter movie is destined to dethrone whomever takes the number one spot.

First up is Morning Glory, about a young television producer who is trying to revive a struggling morning show.  Unfortunately the co-hosts despise each other, and make her life more complicated than it needs to be.  Not only does this movie have an interesting cast (Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, 50 Cent, Jeff Goldblum) but it pairs an artsy director (Roger Michell of Notting Hill, Enduring Love) with Hollywood hotshot J.J. Abrams.  It’ll be interesting to see if this movie has the legs to compete.

For the Sci-Fi fan Skyline opens this weekend as well.   This movie didn’t get a whole lot of advance hype, but in the last month the trailers have been playing everywhere.  Unfortunately a lot of people are all ready comparing this movie to Independence Day without actually having seen it.  It’s easy to see why though, what with the large ships parking themselves over Los Angeles and the military sending in fighter jets to combat them.   Even the bright light pouring out of the ships is familiar.  It looks pretty enough, but will the script hold out?  It looks like another blockbuster full of sound and fury, but perhaps there is more substance to it than just special effects.

Have people tired of director Tony Scott teaming with Denzel Washington yet?  20th Century Fox is hoping that they’re not as the duo are together once more in Unstoppable, a movie inspired by true events about a runaway train.  Chris Pine and Rosario Dawson round out the cast.  This could very easily be another train wreck like their last pairing was (Pelham 1 2 3), but it looks like it could be fun.

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