Gossip Girl Recap: Season 4 Episode 7 War At The Roses

gossip girl season 4 spoilersOur Gossip Girl recap is back and even though it’s Blair Waldorf’s 20th birthday, you know things aren’t going to be all balloons and candles.

Although Blair is planning her birthday party, Serena and Nate have other plans for her and Chuck. The four of them meet in neutral territory to come to an agreement, a peace treaty actually. Serena and Nate force them to come create peace terms, so everyone can live happily. They smooth out the details, including a few secret rules to keep the peace in the Upper East Side. Only there would you be able to create an actual official treaty for the sake of friendship.

Meanwhile, Dan and Eric are looking for any way to cause tension between them. It’s Lily and Rufus’ wedding anniversary and the party is ruined since Jenny can’t come back. Dan tries to scheme and plot to get them fired up, but it doesn’t work. Dan’s not up to their caliber and he knows it. Dan steals the treaty from Nate in a last effort to find a way.

All the while Serena tries to quench her need for Colin (the professor). Most people would just avoid him for the six weeks they need to stay apart, but instead they are having coffee everyday. I’m with Blair on this one, Serena is being stupid. When it all comes crumbling down, it will be her own fault… AGAIN! Serena confides in Juliet who plans on using her love of her professor to take Serena down. But in a huge twist, it looks like Colin is Juliet’s cousin. From Juliet’s reaction, it doesn’t look like he is in on the scheme. (On a side note, I wish she would stop texting her brother in jail. No one has a cell phone in jail!)

It all comes to a head at Blair’s birthday party. Most of the gang is there. Things seem to going according to plan. Serena tells Colin she’s not willing to risk everything. Chuck and Blair are amicable. Until Dan arrives with his secret weapon. The one secret accord on the peace treaty. A video of Blair singing karaoke of “Stand By Your Man.” Blair loses it when the tape plays. She even pushes Rachel Zoe to the ground where a pot of chocolate fondue drops on her head. Dan thinks he’s gotten revenge until he realizes that he has just broken the trust of his best friend Nate and shown his worst to his father. His ‘I’m-better-than-all-of-you’ attitude is shattered again.

Serena also retreats, back to Colin’s apartment. She still actually contains herself mostly. She just gives Colin one very long kiss. What they don’t realize is that Juliet has planted a camera to record the whole thing. Serena should have just taken Blair’s advice.

Fortunately Blair doesn’t take her own advice either. When Chuck appears long after the party is over, the pair of them call off the treaty. They can’t have peace. Look at who we’re talking about. There is no Gossip Girl if there is peace! Instead of calling war, Chuck grabs Blair for a kiss that would make you blush. This is more like it! Finally things are getting steamy on Gossip Girl!

While I doubt this is going to be the return of Chuck and Blair as an item, at least there is some passion on the streets of the Upper East Side. This could go either way and they will both be fun to watch.

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