Interview: Exclusive Bruno Tolioni On Dancing With The Stars Season 11

Real Style Publisher and Bruno Tolioni Sometimes we meet our favorite celebs in the most unexpected places! Tonight a charity for Baycrest Hospital in Toronto hosted their own version of Dancing With The Stars called, what else? Dancing With Our Stars. Judged by DWTS’ own favorite judge, Bruno Tolioni and hosted by America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel, the sold out event raised over 2 million dollars for this incredible charity.

Bruno Tolioni gave Real Style some insights on this Season 11 of Dancing With The Stars.

Real Style: What is going on this season with the whole Bristol Palin situation? Why is she still there?

Bruno Tolioni: People are voting for her. People have to vote for the ones they want to stay this is the only way.

Real Style: Do you think Brandy will win? What’s your take on Jennifer Grey?

Bruno Tolioni : Brandy should win, she deserves it. She has worked very, very hard for this. Jennifer is good also, but she gets nervous…

Real Style: It was such a shock when Rick Fox got voted out. It was painted on all the judges faces.

Bruno Tolioni: It was terrible,a real shock!

There you have it folks, straight from the judge’s mouth. Stay tuned for our regular recaps on Monday night of Dancing With The Stars and catch all the ones you missed right here.

Here are some photos from tonight’s Baycrest event and you can see the video on Entertainment Tonight:

Howie Mandel hosting Baycrest Dancing With The Stars

Bruno Tolioni judging at Baycrest Dancing With The Stars
Chairs of Baycrest Dancing With Our Stars and Bruno Tolioni

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