Streetdance 3D Movie Review

StreetDance 3DDance movies have been around for almost as long as movies themselves.  Hollywood’s silver age brought us Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  We’ve seen Dirty Dancing and Flashdance in the 80’s, Center Stage and Strictly Ballroom in the late 90’s, and in the last few years movies about street dancing have become popular.  Antonio Banderas took troubled students and taught them how to dance and along the way learned some new dance moves himself in Take The Lead, and Step-Up brought us the world of dance crews and underground dance competitions.  Although the moves changed from decade to decade, one thing remained the same;  the majority of these movies took place in the U.S..  Streetdance 3D changes that however, by taking us to England.

Streetdance 3D opens with an up and coming dance crew on the verge of falling apart before they can compete at the street dance championships.  One of their leaders is leaving, and they’ve lost their practice venue.  Carly (Nichola Burley) is left to pick up the pieces, but she’s not sure she can handle it.  In steps Helena (Charlotte Rampling) a teacher at a prestigious ballet school who offers Carly and her crew a place to practice, on the condition that Carly includes her ballet students in the routine.  Carly reluctantly agrees, and begins the difficult process of merging two styles of dance and conflicting personalities.

On the surface Streetdance 3D doesn’t offer anything new to the genre.  It’s a typical dance movie in the same vein as the Step-Up series.  You see conflict between the dancers, you see personality clashes between the crew and older people who don’t get their style of dance, and you see the eventual merging of styles.  What Streetdance does better however is focus on the dancing instead of the story.  The story is there and it does play a role, but it doesn’t detract from the dancing.  The camera cuts aren’t a distraction either like they are in some of the other movies in the genre.   The 3D isn’t really necessary and doesn’t offer anything that would warrant paying the extra money for it, but it doesn’t hurt the flow.  Nichola Burley has a terrific career ahead of her.  Part of the reason this movie works so well is that she holds your attention.  Whether it’s dancing with her crew, or by herself you get a sense of how she is feeling at any given time.  You can also tell that she really loves what she is doing, which is important for any actor.

If you like dance movies and dance music, then this movie is for you.  The beat of the music really gets your blood flowing, and even if you can’t dance, by the end of the movie you wish you could.  It’s worth seeing, and word is they are planning to start filming the sequel sometime soon.

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