Movies Released October 15th, 2010

redmovieposterThis week is an interesting one for new theatrical releases. We’ve got yet another comic book adaptation, a new prank-filled 3-D addition to the Jackass series, and a Toronto Film Festival favourite getting its wide release. Most likely The Social Network will lose its number one ranking this week, but to which movie?

First up is the movie adaptation of the DC Comic series Red. Red stands for Retired, Extremely Dangerous, and it’s about four retired black ops agents (Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, and John Malkovich) who suddenly find themselves on the top of someone’s hit list. In order to survive Frank Moses (Willis) assembles his old team back together for one last hurrah. The trailers look funny, and this is the best bet to be the top movie of the weekend.

Johnny Knoxville and his gang of idiots return to the franchise that made them household names in Jackass 3-D.  This movie, if you can call it that since all it is is a series of pranks that cause bodily harm to the performers and gags from the audience, will probably see most of its traffic on the opening night.  If you are going to this one you all ready know what you are in for.  It’s certainly not going to be on anyones top movies of the year list, but it will draw some laughs.

The final new release this weekend is Conviction.  This movie was one of the favourites at this year’s TIFF celebration, and all ready has people talking about Academy Award nominations.   This movie stars Hillary Swank as a single mother who spends two decades putting herself through law school to overturn her brother’s unjust murder conviction.

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