Gossip Girl Recap: Season 4 Episode 6 Easy J

gossip girl season 4After a week off, we are back with our Gossip Girl recap and the triumphant return of Little J to the Upper East side. Let’s start with that shall we?

Jenny Humphrey is back in town. Unfortunately she is only planning on being here for the day. Jenny has an interview with the amazing Tim Gunn, so she can get into Parson’s and start her career in fashion. The only problem is Blair’s gotten a whiff of Jenny’s return. Blair gives Jenny a pass in town for the day if she promises to stay hidden. Chuck also knows of Jenny’s visit though. Chuck schemes to ensure Jenny can’t hide out and she is seen at the Empire. Blair’s rage overwhelms her and she seriously sabotages Jenny’s interview. I’m not going to tell you what she painted on Jenny’s dresses, but it wasn’t a nice word. It’s a little overkill on Blair’s part, but that’s Blair isn’t it?

Chuck arranges for Jenny and the whole Humphrey gang to attend a party where Tim Gunn will be, as a “peace offering” to Jenny. Again Blair gets word. Blair rushes to the party with plans to break Jenny. Unfortunately for both Blair and Chuck, Jenny is one step ahead. Jenny sends a Gossip Girl blast revealing what really happened between her and Chuck. They should have known better than to play with Jenny. Chuck should have seen this coming. Instead of sticking around, Jenny says goodbye. She tells Blair and Chuck that together they may have been unstoppable, but now they are going to be fighting to the death. Where did this wise Jenny come from? She almost has a flicker of season 1 Jenny in her… almost. We will miss you Little J. See you soon!

In the end, Chuck arrives at Blair’s door to proclaim a truce. A real truce. They admit that what happened was fate and they need to stop holding onto the pain. Chuck didn’t take Blair into his arms like I wanted, but these soft moments for him are a hidden gem.

In the meantime both Serena and Nate are nursing new relationships. Nate surprisingly runs into Juliet outside of the jail where his father, The Captain, is being held (and Juliet’s brother Ben). Juliet makes up possibly the worst lies in history to explain why she is there. Nate totally buys it, which is pathetic. When Juliet tells her brother about Nate’s dad though, he takes matters into his own hands. This mysterious Ben jumps Nate’s dad and puts him in the hospital. This doesn’t seem to actually be about Nate, but Juliet. He’s warning her not to have feelings for him. Apparently he isn’t a softy for the big blue eyes like everyone else.

Serena has fallen for a smart, rich guy in the building Colin, who turns out to be… her new professor. Of course Serena just couldn’t fall for a normal guy. There has to be drama attached. She actually shows good sense and wants to break it off, but he won’t take no for an answer. Serena decides to drop the class so they can date, until Lily gets wind of the situation. In perfect mom mode, Lily uses reverse psychology on Serena telling her she will still get a man even if she isn’t smart. Amazing! Serena tells Colin they can’t see each other and Colin says he will wait for her until term is over. Knowing Serena, he won’t be waiting long.

It couldn’t end without another twist. Juliet breaks up with Nate in tears. It seems like she might actually have true feelings for him. But when she hangs up we find out she is in Colin’s apartment. Colin is paying her for her “hard work.” Is everyone new in the Upper East Side here to get Serena? I have no idea where this is going, but I can’t wait to see.

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