Good Scary Movies From The Last Ten Years

TheOthersIt’s that time of year again where ghosts and ghouls come out to play, and people head to the theatre in droves to watch a good scary movie. The problem being of course that in the last ten years gore has become a staple of the average horror movie, and has ended up segregating people who prefer to use their imagination instead of seeing blood splatter every few minutes. We’ve also been inundated with classic horror film remakes. Thankfully there still have been some good movies released during this time that stick to what worked in the past, and keep fresh and original while doing it.

The Others is a movie from 2001 that stars Nicole Kidman as a wife who is patiently watching over her children while waiting for her husband to return from war. She hires three new servants to help her take care of the secluded mansion, and after their arrival strange things begin to happen. This is a great example of a ghost story that will keep you glued to your seat waiting for answers.

Stephen King’s first addition to this list is The Mist. Released in 2007 this movie is about a town holed up in a grocery store while a strange mist surrounds them. This is no ordinary mist however, as there are creatures in it that kill everyone who dares to walk through it. The shocking ending alone is worth the wait, but the tension this movie builds up throughout it will keep you on the edge of your seat

Some of the best horror comes from true events, and 2004’s Open Water is no exception. This movie finds two people accidentally abandoned by their tour guide in the middle of the ocean surrounded sharks. It’s a movie that will take you to your worst nightmare, and make you think twice before going scuba diving.

Low budget movies are also a great source for good scary movies. 2009 saw Paranormal Activity draw people in by the millions, and it had a budget of barely anything. A couple are haunted by a presence, which makes them decide to record the events on camera in order to try and figure out what is happening. The ending leaves you wanting more, and thus a sequel is on its way in a couple of weeks.

28 Days Later turned shambling, slow-moving zombies into something even scarier. Running zombies. Imagine waking up to a world that is almost entirely devoid of people. You have no idea what is going on, or where everyone has gone, and every corner you turn around has a creature that wants to eat you. It’s a scary concept, that is accentuated by the horror of what some of the survivors have become.

Sam Raimi started his career making horror movies, but in the last few years he’d focused on running the Spider-Man franchise. In 2009 however he returned to his roots and brought us Drag Me To Hell. A bank clerk is cursed by an angry gypsy, and within three days she will die unless she manages to break the curse. This movie brought classic horror back to the big screen, and it’s worth checking out.

1408 came out the same year as The Mist, and it’s Stephen King’s second addition to the list. John Cusak stars as an author who travels the countryside debunking ghost stories, but finds himself in the middle of one when he spends the night in a New York hotel. It’s a scary ghost movie told the way ghost stories should be told.

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