Glee Recap: Duets

glee-season-2Things are heating up in this week’s Glee recap when Mr. Scheuster asks the team to do duets. Not only that, but he makes it a competition for a dinner gift certificate. The race is on to win. Here’s what happened:

It looks like Santana and Brittany have been having a relationship in secret. This is huge news, but they play it off like we didn’t just see them kissing in bed. When Santana tells Brittany she won’t do a duet with her, Brittany professes love to Artie. Santana goes to Mercedes to try to win. These two confident young girls sing “River Deep – Mountain High” by Ike and Tina Turner and rule the stage.

Artie tries dating Brittany to get back at Tina. Tina and Mike Chan’s relationship is killing him. Their duet of “Sing!” from A Chorus Line is brilliant, hurting Artie even more. They play off the fact that Mike is only in glee for his dancing. It’s such a smart move for them to admit he can’t sing.

Artie admits that he’s using Brittany and instead of calling things off… they have sex. Whoa! I didn’t see that coming! Artie gets really upset after.¬† It’s no secret that Brittany has had sex with many of the boys at school making Artie feel used himself.

Rachel and Finn begin with the idea of kicking butt and singing the Elton John/Kiki Dee classic “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” Instead they decide should¬†boost moral by letting the new guy Sam win. So they throw the competition and hook up Sam and Quinn in the process. The pair obviously have serious chemistry. Quinn has a momentary freak-out when Sam tries to kiss her, but they get it together in time to sing “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. This is maybe the cutest moment in Glee history. You could see Quinn realize she had to give love a chance again.

Of course, they win and everyone is happy…. almost. Kurt was the only one truly left out of this duets event. Kurt wanted to pair with Sam, who he had an instant crush on. Instead of getting the guy, Kurt did his own duet of “Le Jazz Hot!” from Victor/Victoria. It was a good, but Kurt was still lonely. In a uncharacteristic move, it was Rachel who found Kurt to say she understood his loneliness. Who knows or cares where this new nice Rachel came from, but she’s far less annoying. She offered him a duet he couldn’t resist to close the show. The pair finished Glee with “Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy” by Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland… the best of both worlds!

Glee is off next week, but the week after is the super hugely anticipated Rocky Horror Picture Show episode. My heart is a flutter just thinking about it.

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